Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Indie Films and Craft Shows in Massachusetts

By Maggie Simmons

Massachusetts openly welcomes makers of Independent Films. Of the fifty States, we are the most receptive of original ideas in cinematography. We recognize that the efforts of those hidden from the spotlight rival or even eclipse that of most supposed blockbusters.

Alongside the prevalence of Indie Films in the State is the growing popularity of craft shows in the film festivals themselves. There's just something about their artistry of these films that attracts likewise artistic people and their crafts. Certainly, the two mediums have many things in common.

So if you're looking forward to checking out the next Indie flick, make sure you check out the accompanying craft show as well. The booths are mostly manned by the very person who made the showcased crafts. You will be able to converse with this person yourself; and through this you will be able to share that person's insights on the item you would be interested in.

So then, the question is this: As it's not mainstream, how do you know exactly when will there be an Indie Film Festival? Indie Films, after all, can be erratic, and the exact schedules can be difficult to figure out. While the films themselves are erratic, however, the festivals in which they will be held are not. So when looking for these shows, look towards the craft fairs that accompany them. Their schedules are listed on the Internet far earlier than information on the film festival; but they are held at the same time anyway.

When you find these craft show listings, you'll notice that most of them will not have film festivals attached to them. That is perfectly okay. Odds are, if you go to a normal craft show, then the craftspeople minding the booths will have an inkling of when the next one will take place. - 16651

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