Monday, February 23, 2009

Look Fashionable At The Beach

By Randy James

Just about everyone enjoys going to the beach and having a great time, especially during the summer months. There are so many things that one can do at the beach, such as the usual swimming and sun tanning, or surfing and riding speed boats. It is a perfect opportunity for familes to get together and bond as well.

It also means that there are essential items and apparel that one needs to bring along for the occasion. This might include surf boards, swimming gear or pails and spades for the kids. You would also need to be suited up with beach wear such as swim wear, goggles and the other related clothing items.

An attire that is increasingly being worn by many is the board short. Its popularity has gone beyond that of surfers and on the beach. You can now spot a boardie being worn by many people in shopping malls or out on the streets. It has gone on to become a mainstream fashion piece for people of all ages and sexes.

The rise of the board short as a fashion statement can be seen most clearly in the wide range of brands that have incorporated it as part of their product lines. Volcom, Billabong and Roxy are just one of the few popular surfing apparel brands that feature them prominently. They even have their own seasonal launches.

Women's swimwear has also gone beyond the practical. They are now true fashion items that ladies want to look good in. They exercise for long hours and engage in diets that allow them to show off their toned bodies in designer swimsuits.

Believe it or not, eye wear is also part of the get-up for the fashion conscious by the beach. Many prefer being seen with the coolest pair of visors or shades even if the sun might not be that glaring. These eye pieces from brands such as Armani and Ray Ban are often associated with the hip surfing crowd.

It might seem excessive and redundant for someone to wear sandals or slippers on the beach. But it is still required to protect the feet from little and possible cuts. Beach goers have gone one step further by indulging in the latest colorful designs for footwear from reputable brands such as Crocs and Rip Curl.

Going to the beach just to have fun is no longer the only objective. Nowadays, dressing up for it is seen as part of the fun. It might appear frivolous and unnecessary, but why not join the rest and make the most of a day out partying and exercising by the waves and long stretches of sand? - 16651

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