Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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By Kelly Clarte

Today, many of us get movie rentals regularly. Typically we will wait for the DVD rentals to hit the stores, in preference to going to the movies. Here is a short list of some of most heavily rented DVD's in Oct. 2008.

One new method for getting films is through movie downloads. There are websites where you can purchase tons of movie downloads. This a very convenient way to create a film library.

INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL: The Indiana Jones adventure continues, after a 19 year break. This the latest film in the Indiana Jones series. In this movie Mr. Jones battles the Soviets. This time, it's off top the Amazon to search for the Crystal Skulls, and the powers they might possess.

THE LAZARUS PROJECT: Ex con Ben Garvey has turned the corner. With a loving wife and child, and steady work, he seems to have found a better life. Then, he inexplicably loses his steady paycheck, and he finds himself heading back into the criminal world. This goes terribly wrong, and he is convicted, and sentenced to die. Death by lethal injection awaits. Instead, he wakes up bewildered, and in a psych ward. He now fights for his sanity, and his soul.

LINEWATCH: Well likes Michael Dixon is a boarder man in New Mexico, and life seems to be good. But Michael's past are going to threaten his future. He was a member of a brutal L.A. gang, that he somehow got away from. When a bad twist of fate shows where he lives to his old gang leader, he and his family are put in a potentially deadly situation. He is forced risk it all, and make sure that gang leader drake is able to safely move illegal drugs across the border.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: This movie tells the story of Dr. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton), who, because of a gamma ray experiment gone bad, as been changed into the Incredible Hulk. This movie is a story about the comic legend, the Hulk. Edward Norton, Tim Roth, William hurt, all have roles in this film. The director is Louis Leterrier. The film style is sci-fi/action thriller.

DECEPTION: Jonathan McQuarry, a bored and lonely corporate auditor, has an unusual meeting with hot shot lawyer Wyatt Bose. This an event that turns his life upside down. John is exposed to "The List", which puts you in front of a decadent sexual indulgence. Sadly, he is driven into a world of corruption, treason and murder.

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH: Searching for his brother, professor Trevor Anderson goes on a mission that leads him to the center of the earth. This another version of the original 1959 movie, which was based on the brilliant book by celebrated writer Jules Verne. Directed by Eric Brevig, and starring Brendan Fraser.

THE HAPPENING: Confused and frightened, teacher Elliot Moore, with his wife and many other frightened people are all fleeing Philadelphia on a train. Their city has been thrown into chaos. Citizens are being affected by an unusual force, and are committing suicide. Can we find an answer, or is this the last stand of the human race?

IRON MAN: Playboy, engineer genius, Tony Stark is taken hostage by Afghan fighters. They command him to create weapon systems for the insurgent group. He was hurt while he was being captured, and he has shrapnel lodged in his chest. To save his life from this injury, and escape his captors, he creates a suit made of armor, that makes him super strong. Iron Man is born.

SPEED RACER: A cartoon from the 90's evolves. Much like The Flinstones, Speed Racer turns a cartoon to a movie with an actual cast. Born into the family business, Speed Racer is a young man who loves racing. His goal is to win The Crucible, one of the biggest rally races that his older brother lost his live in. With odds against him, and everything at risk, he surprisingly teams up with his former adversary Racer X, to attempt to take the title, and save the family business. - 16651

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