Thursday, February 19, 2009

Movie Site Downloads

By Gary Spartlet

Now, many of us get movie rentals regularly. More often than not people wait for the rental, rather than seeing the film at the cinema. Here is a short list of some of big winners in the DVD rental world.

A fairly new avenue for acquiring movies is through movie downloads. You can find websites that you can get a huge selection of downloadable films. This a fantastic solution for those looking to make a large movie collection.

INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL: The Indiana Jones movies are back, after a 19 year hiatus. This the fourth movie about the adventures of Indiana Jones. In this episode Indiana is pitted against post war Soviets. The Soviets are looking for some South American relics, and the secrets they carry.

THE LAZARUS PROJECT: Ex con Ben Garvey seems to have gotten his act together. With a loving wife and child, and steady work, life is going in the right direction. Then, he inexplicably loses his steady paycheck, and he finds himself heading back into the criminal world. People are killed, and he winds up on death row. He is sent to die. Shockingly, he regains consciousness only to find himself in an insane asylum. He now fights for his sanity, and his soul.

LINEWATCH: Mr. Michael Dixon is a well seasoned boarder agent in New Mexico, and life seems to be good. Now, things in his past are going to catch up with him. He grew up in the violent L.A. gang scene, that he somehow got away from. When simple bad luck shows where he lives to his old gang, he and his family are in a potentially deadly situation. He must put it all on the line, and help gang leader drake move a large drug shipment into the U.S.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: This movie tells the story of Dr. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton), who has been changed into a creature called the green Hulk. This feature film is a story about the comic legend, the Hulk. Key cast members are Edward Norton, Tim Roth and Liz Tyler. Louis Leterrier directed this movie. The film genre is sci-fi/action.

DECEPTION: Accountant Jonathan McQuarry has a surprising meeting with corporate lawyer Wyatt Bose. This an event that changes his life forever. He learns about "The List", which offers a secret world of sexual indiscretions. Unfortunately, he also finds himself in a world of betrayal, treachery and murder.

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH: On a quest to find his brother, science professor Trevor Anderson sets out on a journey that puts him on a journey to the center of earth. This another version of the original 1959 movie, which was about the science fiction book by highly acclaimed author Jules Verne. Cast includes Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutchinson, Anita Briem, and Seth Myers.

THE HAPPENING: Science teacher Elliot Moore, along with his wife and some friends are getting away from the big city. Philadelphia has been thrown into chaos. Many people are being overcome by an unusual force, and are dying at their own hands. Can we solve this dilemma, or is this the last stand of the human race?

IRON MAN: Man of the town, arms builder, Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) is captured by insurgent fighters in Afghanistan. He is instructed to build missiles for the insurgent group. He suffered a bad injury when his convoy was attacked, and has metal in his chest. To survive his injuries, and escape his captors, he creates a suit made of armor, that makes him super strong. We now have another super hero, Iron Man.

SPEED RACER: An anime-cartoon evolves. As you saw with the film The Flinstones, Speed Racer changes from a cartoon to a movie with an actual cast. Speed Racer is an ambitious young man who loves racing. His goal is to win The Crucible, a very dangerous race that his older brother had died racing in. Against all odds, and his families business at stake, Speed Racer teams with his old rival Racer X, to try to win The Crucible, so the family business won't go under. - 16651

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