Saturday, February 14, 2009

Newsletters And Your Internet Marketing Online Affiliate Programs

By Trisha Frauenhofer

When it comes to writing newsletters the one thing that is extremely important is the title. Your time to make an impression is minimal; therefore the pressure is on when it comes to writing an enticing title. Your title should be brief, relevant and provocative.

The title should be included in the subject field of your message. Also, in the subject, add a quick plug to your most interesting story. Doing these things will help your newsletter look attractive enough for people to want to read it. It will also help them filter what is spam and tell apart junk mail.

You may be surprised to know but many people do not read an entire newsletter from top to bottom. A lot of people will scan, so you may want to consider writing shorter paragraphs and separating your information in an organized fashion. When applying this method you can get your readers to follow your recommendations easier.

Basically you can write as much as you want as long as it is organized and laid out properly. To further improve the layout you can add bullet points, space each point so that it can be clearly read. White space between each topic will help to clearly define each subject.

Topics should be bold, uppercase, or highlighted. Someone might go to scan through your newsletter and if sections are bold enough, something might catch their attention and hook them into reading what you have to say. Topics should be catchy somewhat like your title.

It is beneficial to have intriguing titles not only because of the scanning but because you should include a table of contents. Put the contents at the top of the newsletter. Readers can scan the topics to see if anything interests them. This is a good addition to supporting your internet marketing online affiliate program.

There are certain words to avoid when writing your newsletter. Many spam filters catch words that would seem good to have but actually are not. One particular word is "unsubscribe." Avoid using this word in your removal notice. Many spammers use the word unsubscribe as a non-functional word. Because of the abuse, it often times get caught by spam filters, throwing your message directly to the junk file. Another word to avoid is "forward." This word attracts filters that scan for chain letters. Better alternatives are share, send, or pass.

When writing your newsletter make is fun. When you enjoy what you do it will be evident in your writing, then just share valuable tips and how to apply them to your internet marketing online affiliate program. Then you will have a newsletter that readers will want to open. - 16651

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