Sunday, February 22, 2009

Online Advertising Marketing

By Adrienne Johnson

Their are others way talking to our friends and family or holding home meetings.

An at home business really has a low start-up cost; range from $100-1000. This amount does not include the tool you would use to market with; postcards, ads, magazines, apparel, business cards, etc... The cost of parties or meetings is also expensive: gas, product on hand, food, and host/hostess gifts.

Now, we have the opportunity to market for free and put our business on auto-pilot. I'm talking about online advertising marketing.

The internet has gone crazy with the new hype of social media sites. What do all of these sites have in common?They are free and they reach thousands daily.

When you are looking for information, you usually "google" it. If the first 10-20 pages don't have what you're looking for you search again with a similar word. Right?

Oftentimes, in a search a page or video will be some of the first results you will see. Clicking on that URL will link you to information about the product and the person selling you the product. This could be free how-to information or a new product. Either way you can get to know the person before you look at the product. This is the key to social media advertising. The customer is able to become confident in the company/person and then the product. It builds trust.

Why would you ever go back to cold calling or chasing leads. This type marketing is inexpensive and effective.

We are in a new era; the information era. Let us take advantage of it! - 16651

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