Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pet Tuxedos

By Victor Santerino

The fact that many people throughout the country feel that their pets are "part of the family", becomes quite obvious when they put them in clothes. Events such as Halloween, Christmas, and even weddings are times when people dress their dogs and cats.

Tuxedos are among the most common pieces of clothing to put on pets. This gives animal lovers an excuse to bring their beloved pets to their weddings. Having a dog running around a church would be inappropriate, but dress that dog in a tux and that's a different story.

Cat tuxedos are not as popular as dog tuxedos. As a result cat lovers have less options when it comes to choosing a tuxedo costume for their pet. This should not deter you if you have a cat though; there are enough cat tuxedos to go around.

The major advantage of putting a cat in a tuxedo over a dog is that the cat is less likely to rip the tuxedo off right away. Once the cat is used to the tux he/she usually leaves it alone. This is great because you do not want to have to follow the cat around fixing its tuxedo all day long.

The major disadvantage of placing a cat in a tuxedo is that the cat usually does not have as much mass. This makes the costume much smaller and less noticeable. Also the cats frame tends to be harder to physically put a tuxedo on compared to a dogs frame.

The dog tuxedo is the most common pet tuxedo in the world. Dogs have been anything from mock best men to highly trained ring bearers. These pets can be seen in all sorts of pictures on the internet.

The main advantage to using a tuxedo on a dog rather than a cat is that they tend to have more body mass to cover. Also they can be trained to sit still while putting the tux on and after the tuxedo is on and the ceremony or event is taking place.

Dog owners have the disadvantage in tuxedo costumes in the area of keeping the tuxedo on the animal. Dogs need to be trained carefully not to disturb the costume as they tend to pull foreign objects off of themselves.

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