Monday, February 16, 2009

Quick Macro Photography Tips for Beginning Digital Photographers

By Pat Peterson

You have probably seen interesting or even stunning close-up photographs of insects or flowers. Perhaps you have even wanted to try taking such photos. This type of close-up photography, commonly called macro photography, can be done well by just about anyone with a digital camera. It does take effort, of course, and these tips should help you get started.

For compact or non-SLR digital cameras, accessing macro mode may be accomplished by a menu selection or a button on the camera body. If you are not sure how to set your camera to macro mode, check the manual. By entering macro mode or using a macro lens, you can make everyday objects seem extraordinary.

The toughest aspect of macro photography is almost always focusing. If you have the option, try manual focus instead of your camera's auto focus. Shoot outdoors on calm days or pick subjects that will remain stationary. This will eliminate problems with focus stemming from movement.

Do not give up easily. Taking macro shots is challenging and requires some patience. You will likely take a lot of shots in order to end up with one you really like. It is completely normal when working with such a shallow depth of field to have to take a large number of pictures before you get the one you imagined.

A tripod can be very helpful tor taking macro photos. Tripods eliminate camera shake and allow you to worry about other aspects of the picture like focus and background. A tripod is not always practical, however, as macro shots require being as close to the subject as permitted and a tripod may make that impossible.

Choosing the proper background is also very important when taking macro shots. The main object of your photo should be standing out and obvious. A complicated background can really subtract from the shot.

Macro photography can result in some really amazing photographs. If you have never tried shooting in macro mode, you are missing out on a fun way to capture ordinary objects from an entirely different perspective. Take a few macro shots today and see if it opens up a whole new side of photography you'll enjoy. - 16651

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