Sunday, February 8, 2009

Reaching Sewing Machine Users

By David Trumble

Are you tired of empty promises from those get rich quick schemes?

Real businesses succeed or fail by doing or not doing four key things: Ability to Meet Customer Needs; Getting Customers; Meeting Customer Needs; Retaining Customers.

For now, consider how you can Get new customers.

Every business must find|get| attract customers and make sales. Without sales there is no business. This is true no matter what business you consider. Unless you attract customers, you cannot make a sale. Unless you make sales, you cannot get income. Unless you have income, you do not get paid. Unless you get paid you cannot pay your bills. So, attracting customers is an essential task for every business. It is also essential for your sewing machine repair business.

Advertise or have others advertise for you. These are your options if you intend to find new customers. Initially, think about what advertising you can do.

What marketing choices do you have? Think about it. Where have you seen promotional items? You may come up with your own list of dozens, maybe even a hundred different choices.

The advantage of promotional your business is the speed and ease with which you are able to contact potential customers. In a matter of hours or days, you are able to reach literally hundreds or thousands potential customers.

How much money can you afford to flush down the toilet? Ouch, sounds gross. Unfortunately, most advertising does exactly that. It is not only very expensive. It often does not work. If you are just starting your business, you need to understand that any money you spend on advertising may be like flushing it down the toilet? For that reason, you need to be careful. You goal is to make ten times ( in sales) whatever you invest in advertising. Your bottom line must be finding buying customers.

What promotion will work for you? You have to decide. Weigh the effectiveness, cost, and potential of each medium. Just because a type of marketing works for someone elses business is no reason to think it will automatically work for yours.

How does your business operate? Do you work out of your home or garage? Or, do you have a store? Where will your customers come from? What is the best way to attract them? What advertising do you think will do the best job for you?

For this discussion, lets assume our business is operated out of our garage. That means we need customers to come to our home. We need customers to trust us as a neighbor. With this in mind, what advertising vehicles might be most effective for us? The typical advertising approaches small business owners consider include space ads in the newspaper, classified ads in the newspaper, bulk advertising programs, and direct mail.

Space ads are often the first advertizing choice. In a moderate sized town, the ad rates may run $10 a column inch. If you know that a newspaper has twenty large pages, averages 75 advertisers, and that 20,000 papers are distributed. , but in larger cities the same ad might run $75 or more per column inch in a much larger paper with hundreds of advertisers. What are the chances that your small black and white ad will be seen by enough potential buyers to justify the expense? Try to determine exactly how many prospects are going to be reached by your ad. Calculate your investment by your customer reach. Track your results, when you use this medium. Then calculate your investment by your actual customer response. Determine how much each customer cost in terms of the advertising.

Classified ads are often even more attractive as an marketing medium. The cost of classified ads is much less than space ads. Yet, the reach of classified ads is often far more effective than display ads. Classified ads are placed in specific categories to make it easy for prospects to find your service. Therefore, placing a small classified ad in the newspaper will not only reach prospects who are interested in your service, it does so at a very minimal cost. Still, apply the same marketing tracking and cost evaluation to make sure you are effectively reaching your target prospects.

Direct saturation mailings, batch advertising programs that distribute a group of ads directly to prospects, and direct ad distribution can be effective in letting people know you exist. Direct mail is reaches each household, but it can be very expensive. Batched advertising programs can significantly reduce those costs, while still being delivered directly to prospects. A typical direct ad distribution would involve programs like door to door fliers. If you have a trustworthy team or organization it can be cost effective.

Generally, I would recommend against high priced media advertising like radio and TV. Control your marketing investments.

Get new customers by strategically advertising. Be ready to spend a little to make a little. Just make sure every advertising dollar produces real results: new customers, sales, and profit. - 16651

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