Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Rise and Rise of Miley Cyrus Acting Career!

By Amanda Davis

Teenage superstar Miley Cyrus is the daughter of country musician Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Leticia. She was born on 23rd November 1992 with the name Destiny Cyrus, but was given the nickname Miley by her friends because she was always smiling. Since then it's stuck, and Miley prefers it to her real name!

Miley began acting from an early age, starring in her dad's show "Doc" from the age of nine and in "Big Fish" starring Ewan McGregor and directed by legendary director Tim Burton.

At age 12, Miley auditioned for two roles on the Disney company's new teen sitcom "Hannah Montana" - both for the lead role and also as the lead character's best friend. However, Disney casting directors thought she was "too young and too small" for the role and wouldn't be able to handle the stress of filming such a large show.

Miley had her heart set on appearing in the show and begged the Disney executives for another shot. In the end, the executives decided to ignore their previous concerns and cast Miley in the lead role. They even cast Miley's real dad Billy Ray as her on-screen dad!

In the show, Miley plays the character Miley Stewart, who has a secret double life as the international popstar Hannah Montana. Miley keeps this a secret from everyone except her family and two best friends!

The Hannah Montana show on the Disney Channel has allowed Miley to rise from a Hollywood nobody to an international celebrity in only three years! Since starring in the show, Miley has starred in the TV movie "The Emporer's New School" and her first major role was as the voice of Penny in Disney's huge new animation "Bolt." She also had a cameo appearance in "High School Musical 2."

Miley Cyrus also starred in the recent Hannah Montana concert-movie "The Best Of Both Worlds" and continues to perform as Hannah Montana at live events all around the world.

For the future, Miley has lots of acting projects under development. Some include a movie-length Hannah Montana film (based on the show's characters not the music) and a sequel to the 70s movie "Adventures in Babysitting" which is due out in 2010 starring another teen star Raven-Symone!

Now that she has starred in Hannah Montana for a few years Miley is keen to shake off her teen starlet image. Only the future will tell whether she'll be able to focus on more serious acting and music projects! - 16651

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