Thursday, February 19, 2009

Save Your Eyesight

By Amanda Somrekli

How Do Reading Glasses Help? When you have trouble focusing on nearby objects, your eye doctor may prescribe reading glasses for you. You may be required to wear them when you are reading, writing or performing any task that involves close by objects, like writing, working on a computer or even, needlework.

Metals are often heavier but also more durable. Frameless options are nearly fool proof when it comes to appearance. They look good on most everyone and come with either plastic or metal temple/bridge. Their only drawback is they can be somewhat delicate.

To rectify this shortcoming, you have the half-frames or half-eyes, as they are affectionately called. These frames sit lower down on your nose making it convenient for you to do whatever job you had on hand. If you need to see something in the distance, you just need to look over the frame and you could see far-away objects also very clearly.

There are glasses for the farsighted and the nearsighted. These two are very different and needs different glasses. And the reading glasses, usually worn by oldies are also different from the two.

All these in different color and design are available in wholesale reading glasses. It is much more convenient than buying n a retail outlet as everything you need is all here. And the best thing is, they sell their glasses at a much cheaper price.

So what exactly is the best compromise on your part? Is there a middle road to this eyeglass crossroad? The good news is yes there is.

The oblong shape has been the culprit for creating the impression of sadness on a face. The cheek line is precisely defined, making it longer and narrower. The long face is conventionally associated with the sad face. But if you knew the alluring Gwyneth Paltrow has an oblong face, then there is nothing to be sad about.

To ensure that the right reading glasses complement such a face, you need to stick to three basic types. These are the low-triangle frames, the round frames, and the semi-rimless frames. These types of reader glasses add width to the face.

For women there are a variety of very classy, feminine styles of reading glasses. Look for high quality zyl frames that come in an assortment of shapes and colors.

Reading glasses, as their name would suggest, aid you in reading or performing close by jobs, when you regularly start to feel a strain in doing so. - 16651

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