Friday, February 20, 2009

Strategies For Your Google Adwords Campaign's Optimization

By Kenneth B. Jackson

Getting high quality traffic with Google Adwords begins with optimization of the campaign ad. Though it may sound difficult to manage for the new and less experienced marketers, it only requires making sense of the campaign's basic principles. Many affiliate marketers and Adwords experts get astounding results with their ads because they know the techniques involved in maximizing their Adwords campaign. But you don't have to acquire special skills and aptitude to bring out a set of keywords and copy that will work with your targeted market. It takes recognition that setting up a campaign is not a one-time project nor something that allows people to simply 'wait' for results to take place.

There are several ways, according to Perry Marshall, author of 'The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords' to track down, monitor, and evaluate the performance of your campaigns. This will eventually enable you to modify your strategies accordingly. Getting started with Google Adwords is now easier as Adwords experts provide useful strategies and techniques meant to turn your ad campaign into a resounding success. The process involved now becomes simpler.

One way to do this is to have landing pages that are abundant in content. Once your visitors clicked on your ad, they have to see quality information inside, the ones that they really need. Your site's landing page must also be rich in keywords and manifests the offer or incentive displayed in your ad. This helps lower the cost-per-click for the keywords in your ad as well as makes it easier to find in the Google search results your page.

Next, you'll want to eliminate the usage of all 'negative' keywords from your ad.Negative keywords are those that will typically generate the wrong type of traffic to your site. For example, if you are in the business of selling gardening tools and books about gardening, you are not interested in attracting people looking for 'free gardening tips' or 'gardening events' (unless you offer these on your site). Eliminating the words 'free' and 'events' from your list when using the Google Adwords Keyword Selector Tool will ensure your results are highly targeted and relevant to the market you are trying to reach..

You'll also want to read your competitor's ads regularly. Making sure your ad stands apart from the competition is essential for a successful campaign; if your ad sounds or looks too similar to your competitor's ad campaign, you could be missing a large portion of qualified traffic.

Brainstorm some creative ad copy ideas and think of unique angles to present similar information; make sure to use action-oriented words in your headline, and capitalize all the main words in your copy for a high-impact presentation. Monitoring your competition's ads regularly gives you another advantage; this strategy can help you drill down which keywords may be performing better than others.

Lastly, remember that Google Adwords Campaign's optimization is a dynamic process. It can provide you with quality click-through rates in your niche than your competitors. Get the results you want by using these simple strategies and by ensuring that your Google Adwords Campaign is doing well. - 16651

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