Friday, February 13, 2009

Successful PPC Management - Useful Ideas

By George Kristopher

You probably know Overture and Wordtracker as well as AdWord Accelerator which a great tool in PPC management for sorting out the real competition among keywords and bid prices and singling out the best-performing ads. But there are others that give you a different emphasis and have features of their own that make them unique and very much worth having. AdWord Analyzer is one ( Keywords Analyzer is another (

I'm sure In your toolbox out in the garage you need a Philips and a flathead screwdriver, not just one or the other. The same is true of these major keyword tools. Each one has its use, and owning more is like having a bigger toolbox.

And there's more to learn still. The first list of keywords you come up with, even if it's a long one, will be incomplete. AltaVista once reported that 20 percent of all its searches were totally unique in the history of AltaVista. You never know what people are going to hunt for. So here are some fresh ideas for successful PPC management:

You'll want lots of synonyms and related subjects in your stockpile of keywords so that you can be sure you're reaching people who are looking for what you've got.

You may want to try bidding on brand names, although you will have to work through the copyright issues yourself. Google has had its own share of legal headaches from allowing AdWords users to bid on trademarked names. But, the names of certain magazines, companies, famous people or places, and certain associations may all relate to your product. For example, for "drums" you might bid on "Phil Collins", or for "golf balls" you might bid on "Arnold Palmer".

Misspellings are a big opportunity, because so many advertisers don't bid on them, and the clickthrough rate is often higher. For a Lord of the Rings promotion, "Tolkein" (misspelled) got twice the CTR of "Tolkien" (spelled correctly). is a web site that is very useful and interesting for PPC management. It's an elaborate thesaurus that uses web technology to find a scores of synonyms and related concepts. This can be a very fun site to play with! If you just bid on the obvious generic version of a keyword like WalMart and you don't bother with other variations like Wal-Mart and Wal Mart, Google's "expanded phrase matching" feature will attempt to match this for you, and usually succeed. However, those clicks will almost always cost you more money than bidding on the exact keyword. It's better to bid on the exact variations, the same way people type them in. - 16651

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