Monday, February 9, 2009

Tips on purchasing specs online

By Paul Nixon-Wright

Most online spectacle sellers are genuine. However, if you find one that claims to be selling 100% scratch resistant prescription glasses, then run a mile as they are lying to you. There is no such product available.

It is true to say that the specially coated, plastic lenses are often more resistant to light scratches when compared with glasss lenses, it is not valid to offer you a guarantee as no commercially viable lens is completely scratch proof.

If you are careful, these specially toughened lenses will easily resist any light scratches that come up with daily wear and tear. They can, therefore, protect your investment by prolonging the clarity of your lenses. However, you still need to handle them carefully as they will scratch if they are mishandled badly.

Whilst the brick and mortar optician will charge you upwards of $20 for these specially coated spectacles, the online trader is often able to supply these to you free of charge.

The next predictable question is, how is this feasible!

How do the online traders provide such cheap designer eyeglasses for less than the standard market tariffs of even the brandmark stuffs?

How on earth can these online opticians offer you the genuine product at such low prices - often lower than advertised by the manufacturer themselves?

My research has discovered that many online sellers are buying proucts directly from the companies that make the glasses. They are therefore selling you the genuine article. However, there are in existence a few - aren't there always? - rogue traders who will handle fake goods and pass them on to you as the real McCoy. They often don't even have a genuine postal address so you aren't able to trace them to seek recourse.

Online opticians, can buy their products wholesale directly from the manufacturers and deliver them to you. They cut out the middleman to save their costs. They also don't need to pay for expensive high street premises. They are then free to pass on these cost savings to you, in lower prices, to help secure your custom.

Some websites offer pages where they explain the technical terms for a necessary and better understanding of prescriptions. This really proves handy, as one can properly understand what their actual requirements are, like, sphere, cyl, axis, add, frame measurement etc.

There are times when you would like to better understand the nature of the purchase that you are undertaking. Some of the more enlightened online spectacle trading websites have started to publish pages that explain the technical terms to help educate yourself and ensure that you purchase the correct product for your needs.

To buy upto the minute fashionable glasses at a price to suit you, online purchasing is the way to go.

The internet now allows you to create the most completely tailored shopping experience. By choosing to buy eyeglasses online, you will find a whole stream of traders completely devoted to serving you. - 16651

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