Friday, February 20, 2009

Tired of Paying For Classifieds?

By Sam Haines

There are numerous ways to get the word out there if you are looking to promote jobs available from your company, services offered or just looking to sell some items from around your house. A lot of people use to rely penny savers or newspapers to advertise, although good they were flawed. So welcomed in is the Internet and the webs online classifieds are a great way to promote your services or goods. Hopefully youll find this article useful in your quest to find a new way to advertise.,, and the popular are really great sites that offer good selection of jobs, but may be costly. A lot of the sites out there unfortunately charge a fee, but there are many that dont. and are just two of the ones that do allow you to post job multiple times for free, this is great for the small business or new business to cut down on overhead.

If you are looking to sell a product, using online classifieds may just be the best way to go, especially if you can do it for free. Using eBay is a great asset for the seller, but they will have to pay a fee to post their items, thus the seller may have to raise the items price to make up for the cost. Using sites like may be a better choice as it is free to post items and the item sold can be sold a bit cheaper. has recently solidified themselves as a great avenue to promote the seller's product with the ability to now display pictures of the product being offered. So, all the benefits of eBay are available on minus the cost to promote the item being sold.

Offering a service? Well the online classifieds is perhaps your best bet. Posting multiple times and on multiple free sites is a great way to take advantage of the free sites. Having your ad posted more than once will assure it is seen by more people then a newspapers classifieds. A multiple post will also allow your ad to pop up at the top of most searches. For example if you are advertising a Joes lawn service, just input Joes lawn service into your search and it will come up on top of the list.

With technology, mainly the Internet there is a whole new world of classifieds out there that should be taken advantaged of. Taking the time to find the rite site and carefully placing your ads can allow you to have great success with out going broke... Use classifieds. - 16651

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