Monday, February 23, 2009

Top Beautiful Women Secrets

By Dennis Durrel

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or so they say. However, it seems quite often that certain women are referred to as Beautiful Women. What is it that makes a woman beautiful to the world as a whole?

There does not seem to be one answer as to what makes beautiful women. There is no set characteristic like having blond hair or blue eyes that will quickly decide that a woman is beautiful. That being said having a neat and clean appearance does definitely create beauty in a woman. Somehow women who are in the corporate workforce tend to part of the beautiful women group. Perhaps that is because as a whole they are dressed nicely and need to maintain a clean and put together appearance to enjoy professional success.

One of the more widespread substantial characteristics that causes women good-looking is having facial skin tone that are identical. It has been practically confirmed that the more symmetrical a woman's face is the more pretty they are set up. For example, top models are believe to be beautiful women. Generally top models do have symmetrical facial skin texture.

In addition owning a good neat set of teeth is as well quite a lot factored in when controlling a woman's good looks. A woman's height and weight normally have to be balanced as well to make safe the public's picture that she is good-looking. Beautiful women are normally of a healthy height and weight percentage.

Perhaps the most essential idea that really verifies who falls into the type of beautiful women is a woman's confidence. Women who are make safe in themselves and who they are in the world tent to exude an aura of beauty gorgeousness, and are normally consider as more beautiful women than the persons who do not own that similar self-confidence level. - 16651

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