Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unselfish Wealth Team Pulls Off a Paradigm Shift in Sponsoring!

By Trisha Frauenhofer

A new era in network marketing has begun online. In partnership with the successful and debt-free company Travelencia, this all new network marketing paradigm can help you to join and build an Unselfish Wealth Team. This team and this technique build wealth by building up a bigger, better reputation for your own business!

Travelencia makes it all easy as one-two-three for you. They take care of your prospecting, training and presentations so that you'll be an expert on your product. This will let you build a success like no other home based internet business ever could. You'll also be making more money than you ever dreamed possible.

This system was developed by a crack team of expert marketers, spearheaded by Barry Eschenberg and Jim Reynolds. This system is based on the proven "law of attraction" principle and gives you a system which pays off for you along with "paying it forward". This system is about creating a win-win situation for everyone and doing away with secrecy and intense competition. There is sharing and generosity built into this system; a nice change of pace from most home based marketing systems.

Just like Travelencia, Reynolds and Eschenberg know that the marketing gurus out there who promise to sell their "secrets of success" are doing nothing of the sort. They don't want you to be successful - they'd have more competition then! Instead these marketing experts sell you the seeds of your own failure; they would rather keep have you scrambling for pennies while they make all of the real money.

However, there is now a real entre to these secrets which most of the internet marketing gurus would like to keep all to themselves. There are free ad campaigns for you, the service of marketing pros for you at very low cost - these professionals take care of the sometimes tedious work of prospecting for you. You can also learn how to leverage the most popular search term on the internet for your own business, join a Leadership Bonus Pool which will make unselfishness pay off for you, a 4x6 matrix pay plan and most importantly, simple, step by step instructions which will really build wealth for you!

With this new "unselfish" marketing system put in place by Travelencia, you will be told of more than seven million websites where you can place free classified ads to drive traffic to your websites. What's more, you'll be shown how to take just 15 minutes a day to place three of these ads, with nothing more for you to do while the money streams in. This system is already proving itself over and over and over again and is already in place in at least 200 countries spanning the globe.

When you enter into the new unselfish wealth team building plan, you spend just pennies a day and minimal time to make your fortune. Perhaps best of all, it all happens for you while you never have to be a salesman or sound like a carnival midway hawker again. - 16651

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