Monday, February 9, 2009

Use online classifieds not newspaper classifieds

By Ginny Rodgers

Whether looking to sell an item or attempting to provide a service to the public, the Internet and it's online classifieds are fast becoming a great means to get the word out there for your small business or personal sales. Unlike the old fashion newspapers or penny savers, posting online is far superior for many reasons, such as constantly updated information, national and worldwide exposure and the ability to post for free. All are factors that can make your item sell faster or business soar.

With the classifieds online, unlike the newspaper your ads or post can be easily updated on a daily or regular basis. This feature is great for those who need to constantly update their ad to stay ahead of the competition. If you are advertising a product for sale you can easily change the items description to make it more appealing to your target market, a great feature. A hidden benefit is the ability to post your ad numerous times throughout the week allowing your ad to show on tone of searches.

With the Internet you can reach a much broader and specific audience then the newspapers or penny savers. People every day are on there computers and nowadays always have access to one, via phone, home or work. It is to your benefit to take advantage of this base. Those who come across your ad or post will have the ability to reply to it right then and there. They can also pay for products online making for an easy purchase, which is in your favor too.

Perhaps the best benefit of online classifieds is the fact that you can usually find a website where you dont have to pay to promote your service or expose your merchandise. Most newspapers charge for your ad to be published and it is locked into the paper for a week or more. If the ad is locked in you cannot remove it and risk-having people still calling you after the product is sold or the position filled.

The Internet is a great world that has been able to make the business world easier to compete in. Using the Internets ads are a superb way to get your product promoted or your service advertise for next to nothing on most sites. As most of us have grown up fans of the newspapers they are great for news and the funnies, but not always great for small ads in this fast moving world of today. Posting online is a much better way to get in the face of those who need your attention. - 16651

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