Friday, February 13, 2009

Why Professional Runners Go For New Balance Sneakers

By Ron Jordan

When we speak about sport shoes, we speak about making performance. Professional runners need professional footwear to meet their training needs. The more attention sportsmen pay to their equipment, the better their results can be. One brand came into their attention: New Balance sneaker shoes offered them the stability, the comfort and the innovation needed for performance.

Operating in the US, New Balance is a shoe manufacturing company with over 100 years of tradition and experience. They make both women and men shoes, grouped in several series. Actually New Balance was the inventor of the metatarsal arch which was the state of the art in the year 1906.

People who run as a profession had the chance to buy their first New Balance special shoes in 1938. They simply loved it. Moreover, the company came with a very clever marketing trick, or strategy, offering buyers a guarantee to give their money back if they were not satisfied with their purchase.

It took several more years until the first running shoe for common people was issued. This happened in 1960. Trackstar was the brand that revolutionized running for ever. They were based on an innovative concept regarding fitting, so they practically could fit every person.

However, the first sport shoes really flexible were manufactured years later, impersonated by the famous 990 series. Now even ordinary people like you and me were able to buy their own running shoes and start running like Forrest Gump. A new sports world was born.

New Balance kept pace with times and with progress, so they made sure to benefit of modern scientific discoveries in the filed of flexibility, stability and control. Many tests were performed until the new improved shoes saw the light of specialized shops.

Continuous innovation made New Balance preserve its place in the gallery of the greatest sport shoes manufacturers, even in 2009. Actual models such as the 993 have modern shapes, better cushioning and pronation control. The midsole is one of the best innovations in sport shoes design since long time ago. - 16651

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