Monday, February 23, 2009

A Wu-Yi Green Tea Success Story with Jill

By Wu-Yi Source

Wu-Yi Green Tea dieting has seen some very amazing success in the last few years from dieters who have used our system. With that we wanted to share with you one of our most recent testimonials that is going to blow your mind away.

Here is Jills Story!

When my step mother gave me my first supply of green tea I kind of laughed at her. I said to her, how is tea going to help me lose weight? Very politely she told me to shut up and just follow the instructions, and that is what I did...

I lost 55 pounds in four and a half months using the Wu-Yi green tea dieting plan and if I never got it as a gift I would of just written it off as another fad diet, I sure a glad I used it though...

I still have more weight to lose, but I know I will. Im no longer stressed about my weight. For all those people who are like me, and very skeptical, I can only say, try it.

Jill O.

There is no need to buy expensive foods, count calories or basically stop living, all you need to live a healthy life style and feel great about who you are is to start using Wu-Yi Green tea, thats step one! - 16651

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