Thursday, February 12, 2009

Your Clients Trust Depends On Your Online Traffic Formula

By Trisha Frauenhofer

If you feel that you need to trick your customers into buying your products, you will never gain their trust. You instead want to create positive trusting relationships with your clients so they feel great about spending their money.

I myself, Trisha Frauenhofer use an "online traffic formula" that knows the importance of honest business dealings and I always go the extra mile to help my customers feel safe in their transactions.

One way that many customers feel cheated is when they buy a product and find out that the shipping costs have been jacked up to twice or three times what they need to be. No one likes to see a product being sold for mere pennies, but when they click the buy now button, they find out that the shipping cost is where they will pay the big bucks.

Exorbitant shipping costs will cause customers to feel that you are being unethical and many will choose to back out of buying the product and go elsewhere. When you shopped online, wasn't it nice when you ordered something and found out shipping was free or just a few dollars.

Quality products sold at a reasonable price will sell quicker than a cheap product sold at an outrageous price or a product sold for pennies but with extremely high shipping costs.

Being fair to your customers will lead to them putting their whole hearted trust in you. Many of them will return to you for their online needs, and you'll gain referrals.

With so much customer feedback on the net, your reputation is on the line. You want to always be honest and ethical with all of your business dealings. If you do, you gain twice the customers and sales than you originally would have expected.

Reputation Reputation Reputation is how you separate out the internet giants from the mediocre. Gaining business respect through honesty is key to your "online traffic formula". - 16651

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