Monday, March 2, 2009

Article Marketing: Your Road To Great Search Engine Rankings

By Daniel Z. Kane

I spend a minimum of four hours a day promoting websites. Most days it is closer to double that.

I have, literally, tried almost every known website promotion technique. Article marketing is my favorite because it is by far the most effective. But, only if it is done properly.

Article marketing will work for you if you remember just a few things.

1. The title of your article is extremely important. The better the title, the more often the article will be reprinted and read.

2. Write conversationally, but not too informally. This is especially important if your topic is serious in nature (health, investing, etc.) or if you hope to me viewed as an expert.

3. Be concise. Avoid going off on tangents.

4. Do not limit yourself to writing articles on the subject(s) of the websites(s) you are trying to promote. If you do, there are article directories and websites on which you will never be published.

5. Write your author's box copy carefully, and choose your anchor text well. Be sure that the links to your site are embedded in your optimal keywords and phrases. My sites are education-related, thus I embed my links in anchor text like "accelerated degree programs", "financial aid", and "online degrees".

6. Never submit a first draft. Do at least one second draft, even if you only find a few phrases you can improve. Then, proofread very carefully.

Nothing will compensate for good content. But, however good your content, aggressive promotion is required if you want people to visit your site. And, nothing works better than a well-conceived article marketing campaign. - 16651

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