Monday, March 2, 2009

Establish Your Internet Marketing TV Channel Online

By Rich Micheals

Internet TV is here - it is called, you may be anxious to ask how TV will appear like when it all ends up online.

Well fortunately, it already has, and you can see for yourself by calling at the Brightcove website. Although Brightcove is selling itself as the perfect server for all producers and sellers of online video products, at this point it seems to be more appropriate as a platform for creators and sellers of professional video content.

You can establish your own Internet channel on Brightcove for selling your video products and they offer video subject matter producers two options - the Brightcove Network and the Brightcove Platform. With either choice you can produce a free account that lets you produce your own video channel, upload and sell your video wares, and enter videos from on your own web log or website. The standard formatting is called the Brightcove Network which is free to use and easy to understand.

The Brightcove Network permits individual subject producers to - release video wares for free - let Brightcove manage your advertising - keep half of the advertising receipts and, trade downloads of your video wares. Brightcove makes it simple to encode and upload your videos where you can supply thumbnails, text descriptions, or video stills to make it easy for clients to find the titles they're curious about. You can even organize your videos into lineups to control how they are watched. Your channel is advertised for free on the Brightcove site, and you can implant codes in your web logs posts to site content on your own website. Brightcove takes care of the hosting and deliverance of your content. Major media businesses are already utilizing Brightcove to host millions of video streams because they help you reach an audience with your video content by listing your videos in the major Internet search engines.

SEO features built into your Brightcove channel get your videos numbered and ordered in the major video search engines, as well as in established text-based search engines. The Brightcove Platform is planned for media businesses, broadcasters and Internet marketers but, it also allows you to choose your favourite format for creating a revenue stream from your online video wares. By paying a user fee to publish your videos, they let you to, sell your own advertising or select to run no ads at all, Keep all revenue generated from your advertisement and sell downloads of your video products. When you market your production with skill and determination, clients will find you on the World Wide Web. Essentially, when customers find what they're looking for, they don't care if it's being delivered by a large product studio or by an individual entrepreneur with a webcam. - 16651

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