Monday, March 2, 2009

The Grammies

By Danny Hoover

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences started the Gramophone Awards as a means of honoring the brightest stars in the music recording industry. Since the gramophone is no longer a prominent item in most homes, the name was later changed to the Grammy Awards; although the actual award is still a Gramophone. There are more then 20 genres and over a hundred categories that are covered by this world-renowned annual award ceremony that is held every year in February.

Every year in at the Grammy Awards, many artists can win an award or even multiple ones. You will hear about the Song of the Year award or even the record of the Year. Some years they have special awards issued for lifetime achievements by a recording artist as well. All of these winners are selected by a voting committee that includes top names in the recording industry like Beyonce Knowles, Paul Simon as well as Prince.

Based on their expertise, more then 150 people in the recording industry are selected every year to have the honor of selecting and reviewing all of the artists and all of the categories. Though this committee, the nominees for every award are chosen and then passed on to the voting committee who keeps their selections a secret until the day of the awards. The works that are taken into consideration every year has to be released after October 1st two years prior with anything after October 1st of the previous year having to wait until the following years annual Grammy Awards.

Most people recall the years that the Grammy Awards were held in the Shrine Auditorium; this is the same location where the Oscars are held every year. But over time the Grammy Awards has grown to include so many categories that hosting them in the auditorium was impossible and as a result they had to move the venue to its new home at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

When it comes to attending the Grammy Awards, everyone has to pay for their seats including those who have been nominated for an award. These seats have been steadily increasing in prices over the years with the most recent ceremony costing more then $2,000 per seat. Attending the official post part also costs money even if you win and those tickets have to be paid in advanced as well. One of the benefits though is a cool gift bag that is filled with things like jewelry, CDs and a whole lot more.

Since 1971, every year the Grammy Awards are aired live around the country and the nation. It was ABC who originally had the contract for the ceremony, but in recent times CBS has been in charge of airing the live performances. To date, there have been just over 50 annual Grammy Award ceremonies.

While the Grammy Awards have continued to be the largest ceremonies for the recording industry worldwide, there have also been a number of complaints about their processes. Some people insist that the awards focus only on the mainstream artists who are signed with major recording labels. While at the same time other also insists that the recording industry; meaning those who are members of the RIAA have been influencing the votes to improve sales. - 16651

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