Monday, March 2, 2009

Internet Movie Thrillers To Download

By Charles Timet

I have put together a short list of the more popular movies put up on the big screen in 2008. I have chosen a few of the movies I enjoyed watching this year. Hopefully you will see a couple of movies that are good viewing.

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS: Heavy pot smoker Dale Denton unfortunately has just witnessed a bad police officer and the local drug king pin, murder someone. The killers know he has seen the crime. Understanding that he has been seen, he is so shaken he throws down his joint, a rare blend named pineapple express, and takes off. The weed is so special, that the bad guys can trace it. The game is on, as Dale and his dealer Saul are on the run.

TWENTY ONE: The basis for this film is an amazing true story of young college kids who created a team of blackjack players that beat the casinos. These college kids learned to beat the game, and then performed a brilliant run at the blackjack tables. To be successful in Las Vegas, where card counting can get you banned, they had to change casinos often, and disguise themselves, so the wouldn't get caught. Twenty One is based on the book that explains how these kids took it to the casinos.

BOLT: Bolt: This movie is a fun animation. Bolt is a dog actor, who plays the role of a dog that is a super hero dog. The thing about Bolt is that he honestly believes he has these powers. When he is accidentally finds himself in a real world situation, he realizes that he is only a normal dog. On a journey to get back home, he is helped by Rhino and Mittens, his newly found hamster and cat friends.

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH: On a mission to discover what happened to his lost brother, Professor Trevor Anderson sets out on a journey that sends him into the depths of our planet. This is a new version of the original 1959 movie, which was about the classic work by Jules Verne. This sci-fi adventure stars Brendan Fraser, and Anita Briem.

MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 AFRICA: This is the next edition to the hugely successful movie Madagascar. This small group of animals are attempting to leave Madagascar, and go back to the Central Park Zoo in NY, which is home for them all. Instead, thanks to those wacky Penguins again, they are heading off to have more adventures first.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: This movie tells the tale of Dr. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton), who has been transformed into the Hulk. The movie is about the marvel universe comic super hero the green Hulk. Actors Edward Norton, Tim Roth, William hurt, Liz Tyler play key roles in this film. This film is directed by Louis Leterrier. The film genre is sci-fi.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS: Wild and crazy nights in Las Vegas are normal. Barely remembering what had happened, Jack and Joy wake up and soon realize that they had married each other the night before. After winning a huge jackpot, each thinks they deserve the prize, so they ask a judge for a decision. The strange ruling is that for the next few months they must stay together, and try to make their marriage work. With an eye on the jackpot, the battle is on as both want to have the cash for themselves.

STEP BROTHERS: When two children like older men, who each live with their single parents, will now have to live in the same room because their parents have wed, we see that they are bound to have problems. Casting John Reilly and Will Ferrell acting as these two idiots, and this seems to be a great recipe for lots of laughs. This comedy looks like a sure fire bet if your looking for some laughs.

TROPIC THUNDER: Overloaded with good actors we find ourselves watching a classic parody of popular war films. In order to inspire his super star cast to create a quality war film, the seemingly bold director into the wild, leaving them to fend for themselves. His plan is to frighten them so they will produce a work of genius, which hidden cameras will capture. When the director dies unexpectedly by stepping on a real land mine, the actors are now truly on their own, and they think there acting, but the bullets flying are actually real. Stars include Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., and Tom Cruise.

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