Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Know How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast With These Tricks

By Sapphire Rylee

If you want to get rid of stretch marks fast, anyone can only understand. After all, with vacation season coming up, some of you cannot wait to hit the beach donning your new bikinis while some of you are mesmerized and cringing in front of the mirror as you examine the new stretch marks marring your thighs. Do not despair and do not rush to your local plastic surgeon just yet for there are now revolutionary skin care lines that are very effective against these stretch marks.

If you have a few weeks to spare before enjoying the sun and sand please do try:

- Products with Retinols. Products containing retinol, a close chemical relative of vitamin A, fixes your stretch mark problems by restoring the normal structure of collagen, the protein fiber making up the bulk material of your skin. As an added bonus, retinol also smoothes out irregular textures and lines.

- Antioxidants Vitamins C and E. Whether taken orally or applied topically, these vitamins are certified antioxidants as they target damaging free radicals. Many of these antioxidants are combined with corticosteroids, the latter are anti-inflammatory substances that effectively calms skin swelling. So go grab one of these combination formulated creams to hit two birds with one stone!

- Products with Hydroxy Acids. These substances remove the dead and damaged top layer of your stretch mark to reveal the younger skin cells underneath.

- Products with Lactic Acids. Stronger than hydroxy acids use lactic acids with great caution. Start off with the lowest dose then check for any abnormal reactions. If none proceed with use.

- Mineral Crystals for Stretch Marks. Think of mineral crystals as performing a do-it-yourself microdermabrasion on your skin. Mineral crystals work similarly as hyrdoxy and lactic acids as the crystal granules scrape off the scarred skin cells from your stretch marks.

- Products with Collagen. Stretch mark infested skin may at times appear indented and depressed. Topical collagens are not absorbed by the skin but can temporarily plump up the indented areas so as to smoothen the skin surface.

If you already have your flippers and snorkel on here are some really fast tricks to cleverly hide those marks:

- Tanning Lotions. What you cannot get rid off you cover it up with a darker skin tone. Not only will your stretch marks be invisible, you will also impart a healthy glow any beach bum would be proud of. Make sure to always lather up with a strong sunblock while frolicking down the shores.

- Make-Up. Concealers and foundations also work in hiding stretch marks. Just do not go into the water to make sure the make-up does not come of.

- Swimsuit strategy. Wear suits that cover your stretch marks. Opt for a tankini if you are conscious that about the stretch marks across your tummy and hips or don a sarong over your bikini bottom to hide those thighs.

- Enjoy. Hello! You are at the beach so try to forget about your body issues and focus your attention in other activities such as swimming, playing volleyball, and catching up with your friends. - 16651

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