Friday, February 20, 2009

The 50s Pinup Girls are Vanishing

By Ron Bergstrum

Never again will 50s pinup girls be as classy and exciting as they were in America during the nostalgic decade of the 1950s. This decade brought the most tasteful and beautiful work in the pinup genre.

There were many renowned artists that literally take your breath away like greats such as Gil Elvgren, Rolf Armstrong, Peter Driben, Earl Moran, Art Frahm, Edward Runci and of course, Alberto Vargas. These artists were world famous for their overwhelming abilities to produce breathtaking art in the form of posters, prints and photography.

When you look back at 50s pinup girls, you will undoubtedly run across Bettie Page. She was famous in her time for her gorgeous shots and portraits and still to this day, is renowned. Everybody knows who Bettie Page is and if a person is a fan of pinup art, they certainly have some of her prints.

Collecting 50s pinup girls posters has been a favorite hobby of mine for a very long time. It is the taste and class of girlie art from this period that draws me. This form of art brings respect to the women portrayed as well as to the entire genre.

One of my favorite pin up girls has to be Rita Hayworth. Not only was she very beautiful, she was very tasteful and classy in all she did. You will not find a true Rita Hayworth work that is disrespectful to women or the genre like you will in the later stuff that started in the 1960s.

Another gorgeous 50s pin up model was Anita Ekberg who was famous for her well-endowed curves. Bob Hope had joked that her parents had received the Nobel Prize for architecture while she was touring with him and William Holden in 1954 on entertainment trips for the troops.

There will never be another decade to match that of the 50s pinup girls art and posters. The times are gone so I do everything I can to grow my collection while some of it remains uncorrupted and available. - 16651

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