Friday, February 20, 2009

Photographic Images Monochromatic Dcor

By Charlie Reese

Monochromatic decorating schemes are now quite popular, as they give a clean, spacious look which many people prefer. However, this one-color or black-and-white theme may become dull to your eye over time. If you live in an apartment, or rent a home, you may not be able to liven up your home in the way youd like. You may be stuck with white walls and neutral carpeting. There are advantages, as most furnishings will blend well in these surroundings. On the other hand, everyone needs a little spice in their life and thats also true in your home dcor. Heres an excellent way to instill just the degree of spice you desire. A personal gallery of colorful images on those plain walls is just what you need.

Not only is this an inexpensive solution, but you can create a rotating gallery to change the entire look of any room, according to the season, topic or just because you feel like a change!

One of the most interesting options in the colorful image approach is found in collections of photographs. If youre not a photographer, no problem! Youll find tons of photographic collections online, categorized in several ways for easy browsing. Lets say youre a nature lover and would like to bring a little of the great outdoors inside. Theres no question that photographs of nature yield an almost endless supply of colorful images to brighten up your home. Some theme ideas include a collection of seascapes, forest scenes, sunsets and underwater aquatic photos. If youre a travel lover, youll find massive collections of colorful images of famous landmarks from around the world. Whatever your preference, in color and subject matter, you can be sure its been photographed!

Another advantage to using photographic colorful images to bring life to your decorating scheme is that, unlike other art work, photographs bring a unifying element to any room and work especially well with neutral or monochromatic color schemes. Grouping photographs in a gallery approach creates a focal point for the viewer, as well as a good splash of color which brings instant life and drama to the entire room.

Framing is an important consideration when grouping a set of colorful pictures. Use the same style of frame and mat color for all of the photos for the most dramatic effect. Using different frame materials and mat colors tends to make for a cluttered look. Photographs typically contain thousands of colors, which provide all the diversity you need.

As for subject matter, aim for some consistency in each room. For example, although you may find diverse subject matters and individual photographs lovely, unrelated subjects may appear confusing when viewed in a group.

Consider this solution to a drab room. It doesnt cost a cent to browse photo sites and you can add to your collections at any time. Start with one room and see the fabulous results for yourself! - 16651

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