Thursday, February 12, 2009

7 Article Writing Mistakes To Avoid

By Article Traffic School

Article Mistake #1 Having too many grammar mistakes

The first thing you should take note about your article is that it should not have any spelling mistakes or grammatical error. Keep the language in your article consistent, If you are writing with the first person voice (I, Me), make sure you use it through out the article and not change.

Article Mistake #2 Too much hype, bragging and self-promotion.

Tone down on the personal selling. Instead, put effort in the articles to prove to people that you are good and is an expert in the field. Too much self praising will get you nowhere.

Article Mistake #3 Give what they wants

Write for a purpose. You write articles because you want people to read them, so you need to tailor your articles to their wants. design your topic and contents to feed their wants. Do your homework and find out what are the hot questions readers are searching for.

Article Mistake #4 Writing topics that is too brief

Readers want to find a solution, if your article is too brief and does not elaborate much to answer their question, they will not visit your link or website, readers want good deep articles. Writing deep articles can help you get more followers of your articles.

Article Mistake #5 Lackluster article titles

The headline is often ~95% of the initial reason why someone might read your article or pass it over for another article. Don't bore your audience out of the gate with a dull headline or worse, a boring introduction to the article. Keep it simple and make it brief. Use keyword research tools to optimize your article title.

Article Mistake #6 Copying other's work

First of all, it is wrong to take other people's articles and use it as your own, You can research and reference with other articles, but if you take the article word for word, you are plagiarizing. You should write your article yourself as much as possible.

Article Mistake #7 Don't overload the resource box

Use the resource box appropriately, you can have one or maximum 2 links in the resource box, but you should not have more than 2 links. Include the important ones in the resource box and leave the other affiliate links in your own website.

If you really want to put your affiliate link, you should use a proper domain name and redirect them to your affiliate site rather than just inserting the affiliate link in the resource box. - 16651

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