Thursday, February 12, 2009

Breaking News: Chris Brown Advertisers Give Him The Boot

By Tim Beachum

L.A. district attorney is still in search of more information on the alleged incident between singer/actor Chris Brown and girlfriend Rihanna that occurred on this past Sunday in Los Angeles California. Although the facts from the incident are dark at best, it hasn't stopped the huge impact that both singers' are feeling on their careers.

Chris Brown, was detained and charged with making criminal threats after an "alleged altercation" which ended up with Rihanna sustaining severe injuries to her face.

Do to this unpleasant incident Chris Brown has lost his endorsement deal with Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company. According to media sources the company suspended the Chris Brown campaign earlier this week.

On Tuesday it was reported that "Sesame Street" was dropping all future re-broadcasts of Chris Brown's August 13, 2007, appearance on the program. The episode in question featured Chris Brown singing and teaching Elmo how to bust a few dance moves.

A newspaper located in Cleveland Ohio called "The Cleveland Plain Dealer" reported the breaking news about a local radio station WAKS FM 96.5 who had pulled all of Chris Brown's music until further noticed. Talk about being innocent until proven guilty.

Chris Brown's "Got Milk?" campaign is scheduled to end this week. The advertising company still stood up and released a statement saying that it takes the allegations against the singer very seriously." In an effort to pursue the moral high ground, Chris Brown has willingly backed out of numerous events, which he had previously scheduled at this weekend's NBA All-Star game in Phoenix.

Rihanna's grandmother spoke up to the media and stated that her grand daughter is doing well. Do to all of the stress and negative press Rihanna has decided to cancel her Thursday performance in Jakarta, Indonesia. On Tuesday the singer postponed a concert that was to take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Friday.

The question that is buzzing at the speed of light around the Internet is this "Did Chris Brown Beat The Crap Out of Rihanna OR Is The Media Blowing Things Out Of Proportion?" This incident has fans from both sides at each others throat. Despite all of the rumors and allegations the bottom line is this No one knows what actually happen besides Chris Brown and Rihanna. I do urge all of you to keep an open-mind until the facts have been presented. - 16651

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