Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Advice About iMat Protection for Your iPhone

By MaiQ Slim

After a few months, is your iPhone starting to lose its attractive sleek apperance? Are you worried about getting it out in public because of the stares you might get? I know none of us mean to scratch our phones, but we can't help it. When you leave it in your handbag or in your pocket with the loose change it gets scratched. It might be time to get iMat protection for your iPhone.

The iMat is better than a solid case because it is light and barely noticeable. While a case can impede your usual use of your phone and may not be compatible with some of the docks you would like to use. It can also be used in conjunction with the invisble shield which is used to guard the front of your iPhone.

There are other options available of course. There is the ubiquitous gold plating, but every other person these days seems to have gold plating and it is quite nice to have something new. These iMats are so cheap that if you don't like them, you can not put one on the back.

Anyway, he showed me his phone later that week and it looked amazing. When he first got his iMat, I thought it didn't look like much, but it changes the whole thing. It grips onto the back of the phone very well and gives it that lovely new leather smell. The texture makes it easier to hold the phone as well.

It is very easy to remove, and can be re-positioned if you need to. The leather is big enough to cover the back of the phone. It is also slightly larger to cover the corners and sides too because this helps it to stick better and to stay stuck. It is made from very fine leather which is quite thin. It does not change the size and shape of your phone too much. The iPhone is still one of the thinnest phones on the market, even with the iMat. Scratches will definitely be a thing of the past. - 16651

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