Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Buying Bill Blass and Ben Sherman Tuxedos

By Clement Sancharo

The Ben Sherman tuxedo and Bill Blass tuxedo both have large customer bases, but for two completely different reasons. This article will discuss both tuxedo brands and give you an idea of what each designer is all about.

Ben Sherman tuxedos are American creations created by a man that was given birth to in Great Britain. Bernard Sugarman the creator of this brand started this company on United States soil in the year 1963.

The style of this tuxedo has a noticeable British influence in its design work. Models can be found in traditional two and three button makes as well as the more trendy one button jackets.

Expect to find an abundance of wool materials used in this tuxedo line. Also check out some of their wool and synthetic material blends for a fantastic looking wrinkle resistant model.

The Bill Blass company was created by William Blass over thirty years ago. This company is 100% American and show it in its unique modernized designs.

The designs of have a more formal look than you would expect from an American designer, but still provide for some youthful cuts. Everything is originally designed by hand which gives off a feel of superior quality.

Wool materials are prevalent in Bill Blass tuxedos. You won't find any cheap materials like full blown polyester in any of the Bill Blass creations. Expect to pay $250 for a new Bill Blass model.

These tuxedo brands have similar design styles and materials. The only real noticeable difference is in the price and marketing aspects of each company. - 16651

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