Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buying Discount Digital Cameras: Things to Consider

By Jake Sanders

The digital era is among us. Its advantages cause us not only to go with the current flow but its limitless offerings prove hard to resist. Situation in the Camera world couldnt be more reflective of that shift because today's digital cameras come with dozens of features customizable to meet your photo taking needs (and fantasies). So planning on shopping for that camera? Here are the different features available on todays digital cameras that you need to consider:


In choosing the best camera available, we need first to compare the megapixel capabilities because the megapixel of the camera will be the resolution of your future photos. Digital photos are made up of tiny dots called pixels; a megapixel stands for 1000 pixels so the more pixels you have, the higher the resolution of your photos.

Optical/Digital Zoom

Digital cameras have two different types of zooms, optical, and digital. Optical zoom is the zoom like your traditional camera where the lens goes in and out bring you closer, or further away from the picture. Using the Digital zoom will take pictures as it is and since the digital zoon is merely enlarging the individual pixels in your picture, you can loose image quality when you use a digital zoom; your pictures blurry and out of focus.

Movie Mode

What if you can use one gadget to capture pictures and movie with a simple shift of the buttons? Well, thats possible now and thats why many of todays digital cameras have a Movie Mode installed in them. A movie mode allows you to shoot a small mpg movie using the digital camera and save it to the cameras memory card. Movie modes can be so much fun if you like capturing every moment whether on family trips, parties, and even a simple gathering with friends.


Like with everything else today, there are variations. Cameras comes in all shapes and sizes but with corresponding pros and cons. Sure, you have that big camera with tons of features but what if that means you have to carry that bulk on trips? Before making any camera purchase, think about what features you want the most considering the ease of use and portability. - 16651

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