Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Forget about being Clich: Give Jewelry on Valentines Day!

By Art Barron

You won't have to look far should you be looking for someone giving jewelry on Valentines Day. This versatile little gift is perfect for pretty much anyone who wants to say something, whether it's "Will you marry me?" or "Please forgive this shmuck!" After all, getting jewelry is something that really takes time, thought and money, and giving it is never something that should be taken lightly.

So if you're worried about becoming "one of the crowd" this Valentines Day should you give jewelry, here are some reasons why you should consider walking down to your nearest jewelry store:

Reason # 1: They last forever. Yes, your five dozen roses can sweeten up the bedroom---but only for a few days! If you want something that will exclaim that your love is eternal, try a diamond or sterling silver. One of the sweetest things about being a couple is being able to say ten years from now "hey, this is the ring he gave me Valentines Day a decade ago!" Now can you say the same about chocolate?

Reason # 2: They can be custom-made to express what you want to say. Contrary to rumors, jewelry does not always mean last minute buy. If you want to show your loved one that you gave much thought to your present, go personalized. Have his name engraved on the pendant; pick bracelet charms that represent her favorite pastimes. If you two met in a ball game, how bout earrings the shape of a baseball? Have your gift speak for you!

Reason 3: Jewelry doesn't lose value. The world's currency is balanced with gold reserves and that's for a good reason. It doesn't matter what the season is or if the entire country is in bankruptcy, gold is a rare metal and will always remain priceless. You can surely depend on gold (or other precious jewels) to never lose value. It's like your special someone - he never depreciates in value!

Reason # 4: They are well-accepted symbols of relationship ideals. Commitment. Love. Beauty. Authenticity. Rarity. Endlessness. Strength. Need we say more?

Reason # 5: Accessories ARE important, after all! The great thing about jewelry for girls is that they pretty much go with anything and everything. Color, style, shape - beauty can be achieved more easily once they have jewelry on. For guys, you won't have to wait as long for them to get ready. Too much jewelry is another problem altogether.

Reason # 6: It's a way of proclaiming you match! Some couples tattoo their partner's name on their arm or ankle; others wear matching tees. But if you want something more subtly classy than an "I-belong-to-Eric" shirt, have rings that match or pendants that complete each other. It's a way to express that you belong to one another--- minus the cheesiness.

Reason 7: Wherever you go, you will always have a piece of your loved one with you. Where do pendants rest? It's always near the heart, and what could ever be more romantic than that? Even if the two of you are oceans apart, you will always remain close to one another. The piece of jewelry will surely keep you in your loved one's mind. While the two of you are out of sight from each other, that doesn't mean you are not on their mind.

Reason # 8: So many options, so little time. No matter what your needs or wants, there's always something out there that can answer it. If you're on a budget, many stores offer quality jewelry for a fraction for the cost, and birthstones are beautiful but not budget-busters. If you're out to burn money, well, Cartier always has his doors open.

Reason 9: Best friends never leave the other! Last but not the least, diamonds and girls are still best of friends. There are plenty of surveys that polls which women prefer more: chocolates, flowers or lingerie, but women still choose jewelry over any other. It's a good thing that men are catching up to this trend. It's a real winner! - 16651

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