Saturday, February 21, 2009

Choosing the Best Discount iPod Accessories

By Jennifer Kilpatrick

IPod was named Invention of the year by Time Magazine and the reason was pretty obvious; its pretty. IPod has achieved the balance of ease, portability, and style and I think these are the primary reason why the little gadget has the seventy percent share in digital music player sales in the United States alone. And what better way to express ourselves than just pouring our list of favorite music in our IPod? That would be the accessories that come with the package.

Headphones and Headsets

Though the white ear bud headphones that come with your IPod looks slick and cool, they are just the beginning. There are dozens of headphones oozing with style and technology that will speak to the individual preference. Why not try noise-canceling or sound-isolating headphones for distraction-free listening. Or waterproof headphones whenever there's a pool party or a day at the beach.

Cables and Docks

Who says the IPod only speaks to you? With the right cables, you can connect your iPod to your home stereo so you can impress friends with that crisp-sounding music on your playlist or to your home theater so you can watch videos on the big screen with the family. When the IPods gets an all day duty, the docks will provide you a convenient home base for charging and syncing.


For the gym buffs who dislike the Top 40 radio offerings at the gym, an armband will turn your IPod into that sweet escape whenever you workout. First, find the armband that fits your iPod and your taste then just strap it on, press Play, and hit that treadmill.


An IPOd case shouldn't only just offer protection from dust, moisture, or fingerprints; it should go with your personality. There are countless casing colors, material, and design available in the market ready to synch with your style.

Power and Car Accessories

One of the greatest match-up in music entertainment is the car and your IPod. The feeling of having to sing along with your favorite tune in your car (without embarrassing yourself and your listener) is a freedom in self-expression. Keep your iPod juiced up with power accessories for your or auto. If your car doesnt include a built-in iPod connection, you can listen to your tunes from your cars stereo with some simple accessories.


The one thing that set Music apart from other entertainment medium is that, you can take it almost everywhere with ease and simplicity. Wherever you like to listen to your favorite music " living room or backyard, office or beach party, anywhere " theres an iPod speaker for the job and most of them include docks that charge your iPod as they play, and many come with remote controls. - 16651

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