Saturday, February 21, 2009

Introduction To Medieval Times Clothing Plus Where To Buy It

By Irving Lockridge

Medieval clothing was worn in several varieties. Poorer individuals often were forced to dress in the equivalent of nothing more than rags. A peasant in the medieval age, or worse yet the Dark Ages, often had to make do with just a few sparse robes or tunics.

Wool was the predominant clothing of the day. Clothes were almost never washed. At the upper end of the economic scale, royalty often wore extravagant clothing to show off their status and wealth.

Upper scale medieval clothing revolved around the latest fashions and trends. In fact, much medieval clothing of the royal variety was most likely very uncomfortable. Intended more as a display of wealth, royal medieval clothing was about showing off the latest styles and fashions. Womens medieval clothing, for example, often featured long trains and elaborate jewelry. The mens medieval clothing was often equally elaborate, featuring complex designs of fabric and colors.

If you have seen any of the modern reproductions of medieval clothing, common in movies such as Braveheart, you know that the clothing emphasized the display of wealth.

For poorer denizens of the medieval ages, clothing was much more about utility than comfort or style. At the opposite end of the spectrum, people in the royalty worked to emphasize style more than anything else. Styles changed from to season to season, much like today.

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