Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Download TV On PC

By Jed Elaine

From the day the TV industry was born, the growth of the medium has been constant. Not only one of the main recreational pastimes worldwide, it is also a key communication medium for our modern society. Different forms of TV transmission are available to viewers, with terrestrial broadcasts still leading the race. Alternatives such as cable and satellite broadcasts have shown themselves to be viable, but limited in their application. Internet TV however is fast catching up as a viable alternative and its appeal grows stronger as the internet grows in popularity.

A quick look at the benefits of internet based TV programming points to a simple conclusion. The internet is the ideal medium to broadcast TV programming and the de facto will soon be to watch TV on PC networks. Certain types of IP based TV are becoming increasingly popular, offering internet transmission and programming viewed directly on our PCs. Offered as a paid service, there is an activation fee involved. The trend industry wide however, is for a small one-time fee. A number of package levels are available, with the top of the range services still coming in at less then $50 one-time fees. Compared to the monthly subscriptions for cable or satellite for example, its a huge saving in costs.

For too long the TV industry has been under the thumb of the big players and major networks. The appearance of internet TV On PC though may soon change the whole scene and to the benefit of you, the consumer. Customers dissatisfied with the service they were receiving from the networks can now turn to a new alternative. A side by side comparison of features, shows the new TV medium to be the outright winner, streets ahead of comparable cable or satellite systems.

Even the most basic packages offer a full refund guarantee on the service, across the board genres with virtually unlimited programs available worldwide and for immediate download. The sign-up process couldnt be simpler. Once payment has been processed, you download the software necessary for access to the system. Installing the software takes a few minutes and once thats done its TV on demand. No other payment to make ever.

TV viewers using these services swear by them. No more expensive equipment upgrades or hardware required. All thats needed is a PC and internet access, both of which are already present in most households. Households running networks of PCs can benefit from the TV programming being available to all the computers in the home. Even better, if access is over a wireless router, then that and a laptop brings the ultimate in portable, Free Computer TV. Offering so much for so little, its not surprising that more and more people are turning to internet TV systems. - 16651

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