Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free Classifieds help you sell your products for free!

By Alex Wu

It is easy to sell products through newspaper classifieds. But online free classifieds are a convenient way to sell and advertise products as they have a much greater reach and also cost nothing.

Thousands of websites let people use free classifieds to put up ads for their products or services. It all depends on how you write your classifieds. The main feature that makes an ad capture attention is the headline. No matter how many free classifieds you post to promote your business, it is pointless to even rely on them if their content is not attention grabbing.

There's nothing surprising about seeing more than a thousand classified ads with fresh posts coming in all the time. When you are using free classifieds it basically means that you don't have to spend money to sell something. You can expect your product information and its availability news to reach numerous readers instantly. For this your ad needs three things to make it work and they are uniqueness, an attractive title and creative content.

Using other good and appealing classified ads as a benchmark to create an ad for your own product is a good start. You can study those ads and see how they are constructed. This way you can learn how to write good content and how catchy headlines combined with strong keywords make these ads more visible. Even if you post the same ad more than once, it will never lead to sales unless it has the correct keywords in it.

The best way to use free classifieds as a promotional channel for your business is to look at other successful and unique ads which seem to always capture your attention. Look at what is similar in these ads that actually makes them different and stand out. Once you pay attention to them you will see a pattern. Some common characteristics include a catchy title, a short but unique and interesting body and effective keywords.

Keywords are phrases that people commonly type in search engines to look up what they need information about. You don't have to bother about these when creating newspaper classifieds. But if online advertisement is convenient in 101 ways then it doesn't mean it's a piece of cake that anyone can grab. It needs more than common sense. Internet marketing relies heavily on keywords and your free classifieds can only become popular if you use the right keywords.

Free classifieds help you sell almost anything without having to spend a dime. Another very powerful aspect of free classifieds is that they help you reach a new market segment that's diversified and hard to reach. Online classified advertisement has a huge potential as now numerous websites allow access to people willing to sell something they make or own. People who don't have any margins in their budget to spend extra money on advertisement can now rely on free classifieds to reach customers.

To increase your product sales and revenue, advertise your products through free classifieds without spending any money. Just put in an effort to choose the correct keywords for your ad and post it at websites which have free classified sections for this purpose. From here onwards your reader traffic will keep building up as your ad receives clicks each time and the chances of more sales will increase eventually. - 16651

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