Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Express Yourself With a Funny T-Shirt Design

By Dave Winters

One of the best ways to express yourself to the world is with a funny t-shirt design. Printed t-shirts can communicate with the world around you in many different ways. Almost anything can be on the front of a t-shirt. T-shirts are great promoters of causes, bands, people, or places that you love. Vintage rock t-shirts are also popular and sends a message for the musician or band.

Vintage rock t-shirts state your admiration for the rockers of the that you love the most. Many people believe that no one can rock as well as their particular favorite band. Wearing your favorite vintage rock t-shirt helps keep the sprit of rock alive.

Funny t-shirt designs communicate a different kind of message to the people who view the shirt. Depending on the message the shirt can be making fun of something, promoting a cause of some kind, or maybe just stating a funny joke. Funny t-shirt designs have become one of the most popular kinds of t-shirts to wear among children and teens. College students also wear a lot of funny t-shirts.

Your sense of style is also conveyed with your choice of t-shirt. A vintage rock t-shirt may communicate a desire to relive parts of your youth. Vintage rock t-shirts are certainly in style with the younger crowd these days. Wearing a funny t-shirt design might make it more difficult for people to take you seriously. You'll be seen as a light hearted person who loves a good time. It's important to consider the message you want to send when picking out a t-shirt.

Wearing funny t-shirt designs and vintage rock t-shirts also communicates your personality with the rest of the world. Your shirt will tell what kind of jokes you find funny, or what type of music you prefer to listen to. Most of the messages sent by t-shirts are subtle, but they still get communicated on a sub-conscious level.

Another message that t-shirts can send across are messages of approval or disapproval. If you are wearing a funny t-shirt design that depicts a slogan that makes fun of road signs, then you may be communicating that you see the lighter side of more serious issues. Wearing a vintage rock t-shirt will indicate that you approve of the content and materials that that rocker or rock band sings about.

One of the nice things about printed t-shirts is that they can be conversation ice breakers. If you see someone wearing a t-shirt for a familiar rock band, or if you find their shirt entertaining, then you might be more likely to start a conversation with them. When you wear funny t-shirt designs other people may be more likely to strike up conversations with you.

For these reasons it's crucial to consider carefully when buying a vintage rock t-shirt or a funny printed tee. Your t-shirt can say a lot about you and how you feel about the world. But the most important thing is to simply have fun. What are you communicating with your t-shirts? - 16651

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