Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guide To Grow Your Online Business Using PPC

By MLM Absolute

Pay Per Click is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising. This is because you only incur advertising cost when someone clicks your advertisement. You can get targeted traffic to your website in this case.

Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls to pay per click advertising. This article is going to point out a few of those pitfalls and how to get around them. Hopefully, after reading this, you'll end up giving yourself the best chance of actually having success with your pay per click campaign.

Probably the biggest pitfall is keyword selection. Too many beginning marketers don't know how to properly choose keywords and end up bidding on keywords that only end up costing them money.

For example, let's say somebody was selling a cure for warts. A typical keyword to target would be wart cure, or at least so you would think. But what if your cure was a natural one? If somebody was looking for a medical cure or didn't believe in natural cures, seeing your sales page would probably not trigger a sale, whereas using the keyword phrase "natural wart cure" would. So keyword selection is very important.

Another point to take note is to target your ads based on geographical location. Many marketers do not really give much thoughts to it but the fact is that your ads won't get you good results if it runs all over the world. Not a good idea at all. Why? Here's why...

The world is made up of many different cultures, races and religions. And all of them will be able to see your ads if you do not restrict your ads by location. However, not all of them are your targeted audience. Eg, you can't sell pork to Muslims, neither should you place ads for a chinese website in England. It is therefore very important that you know who are your target audience and advertise only to them.

Of course another point to take note is how much to bid per keyword and the positions you should bid to. Many newbie marketers think that they have to be position at the number one position to be effective.

The sad truth is that the number 1 top position is all good at all. Prospects tend to click on the first ad, then click on the second to compare prices. After several attempts to find cheaper deals, they may well buy the same item on the ads that is at number 5 position. So you should well place your ads between positions 3-7.

Pay per click can, without a doubt, be the most targeted form of advertising around. But these pitfalls, keyword selection, targeting and ad position...along with so many others...can turn your pay per click into a nightmare.

It is therefore important that you learn and study more about PPC before venturing into it. - 16651

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