Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Express Yourself With a Funny T-Shirt Design

By Dave Winters

One of the best ways to express yourself to the world is with a funny t-shirt design. Printed t-shirts can communicate with the world around you in many different ways. Almost anything can be on the front of a t-shirt. T-shirts are great promoters of causes, bands, people, or places that you love. Vintage rock t-shirts are also popular and sends a message for the musician or band.

Vintage rock t-shirts are one of the best ways to promote your admiration for the rockers of the "good old days." Many people believe that no one can rock as well as the founding fathers of rock. Wearing a shirt that proclaims your love for a particular artist or band helps keep the sprit of old-school rock alive.

Funny t-shirt designs can promote a different kind of ideal. Funny t-shirts often make fun of someone, promote a cause, or state a funny joke. Today funny t-shirt designs are very popular to wear among all types of people. College students seem to love to wear funny t-shirt designs the most.

Wearing vintage rock t-shirts or shirts that have funny t-shirt designs communicate different messages to the people who see the shirt. One of the things that the shirts communicate is your sense of style. A vintage t-shirt will communicate a desire to go back to your roots. People might see you as almost a hippie or even that you are not very interested in life. Wearing a funny t-shirt will make it harder for people to take you seriously. You might be seen as a light hearted person who loves a good time. It is important to consider the message you are sending when choosing a t-shirt.

The funny t-shirt designs and vintage rock t-shirts you wear also indicates your personality with the rest of the world. Your shirt will tell what kind of humor strikes your funny bone, or what type of music you like best. Much of what is said by your t-shirt is subtle, but it still gets across sub-consciously.

If you are wearing a funny t-shirt design that states a slogan that makes fun of politics, then you may be saying that you understand the lighter side of more serious issues. Wearing a vintage rock t-shirt is your stamp of approval for the what that particular band might stand for.

One of the cool things about printed t-shirts is that they can make good conversation starters. If you see someone wearing a t-shirt for a familiar rock band, or if you find their shirt entertaining, it can help to break the ice with them. When you wear funny t-shirt designs other people may be more likely to strike up conversations with you.

For these reasons it is important to choose carefully when buying a vintage rock t-shirt or other printed tee. The messages that you send with your shirts tell the world how you feel about it. However, the most important thing is to have fun. What messages are you sending with your t-shirts? - 16651

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