Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SEO is a Marathon but There Are Things You Can Do

By Brent Sweet

I want to make sure this article does not sound like I am trying to say to trick Google. I don't think it is wise to trick Google, actually I think it is stupid. How would it be to have a site ranking number one one day, you make a ton of money then the next day you are banned and your efforts were wasted? Google likes hot topics, and you can give Google exactly what it wants when you keep your site and content the most up to date.

There are a few ways to do this. You can do this with article submissions, press releases, blogs, or other onsite content. Here is a summary of how to do this with each one. Trust me, you will see some amazing results from this almost right away.

Submitting articles to directories is a great way to serve up content to google. This can make your site have fresh content, and Google will love you for it. You need to find an effective and efficient way to distribute articles that you write. You also need to make sure that your writing is original and unique. If you are able to accomplish all this, then Google will reward you. The catch is that your content has to be useful information, not a bunch of unreadable jibberish that Google will hate. Provide real value to your readers, and they will not only trust you and buy from you, Google will like you too!

A press release is a great idea if you have a newsworthy topic. You do have to know that these cost some money up front, but if you get published you get some very good links out of them. If offline channels pick you up you get some free publicity too!

I think that now days every website should contain a blog. This is a community for your users and gives a lot of sites out there a place to link to. If you can update your blog constantly you will get spidered all the time and Google rewards that with rankings. CNN gets a visit about every 8 minutes from Google because their content is always updated. I doubt you can get to that status, but more visits equals better rankings.

If you build unique content on your site besides a blog this can increase your rankings. The key here is to make sure you have content that is so good people will want to link to you. You also need to be sure people can find the content. This can be tricky to write good enough that people link to your site. You can find some tips on the internet, and some people will create the content for you. As long as you are constantly adding pages, Google will reward you with more frequent visits.

The key is to provide lots of your own, unique content to the internet and use distribution channels that are efficient. This way you can get links back to your site and increase your ranking as well as show Google you are full of fresh ideas. - 16651

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