Monday, February 16, 2009

The Free Magnetic Sponsoring Course

By Kathering Skywalker

The Free Magnetic Sponsoring E-course is a series of 7 video tutorials that teaches network marketing distributors how to generate endless network marketing leads and cash flow for any home based business.

Basically, the course is covered over a period of 7 days where Mike Dillard, the founder of the Magnetic Sponsoring system reveals the awful truth behind the state of network marketing prospecting in the 21st century. People are afraid to do network marketing because they cannot stand the thought of cold calling a stranger or begging their friends and relatives to buy their network marketing products.

If you study the videos of the free Magnetic Sponsoring course, you will discover that Mike talks about a very different angle towards network marketing. He tells distributors to put away their phone and instead of buying dead beat leads and cold calling them, he advises network marketing reps to use the Internet to generate targeted network marketing leads from all over the world.

In addition to generating those leads, he teaches them to sort through those leads instead of selling to those leads one at a time pitching them about an opportunity that they probably would never be interested in. After all, not everyone will join your network marketing business so you just need to find the right people - those who are looking.

Branding is also a very important aspect talked about in the course. Mike quotes from marketing leader Perry Marshall that, "People who are buying drills do not want information about drills, they just want to make holes. So if you want to market drills, sell them information about making holes." This is a very sound strategy because people don't care about network marketing (the drill), they just want to know how network marketing can solve their financial problems or give them more time and freedom (the hole).

The most important aspect about the free Magnetic Sponsoring course is that you can learn how to generate endless leads and cash flow for your business. It is possible to monetize your leads, as Mike claims, even if they never intend to join your network marketing business in the first place.

Lastly, he states that proper branding of yourself in the network marketing industry is possible because at the end of the day, he teaches that you will become the hunted instead of the hunter, thus eliminating your need to hunt down your prospects like a rabid bulldog. - 16651

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