Monday, February 16, 2009

Save Your Company Money by Finding Free Advertising Space Online

By Alex Wu

Advertising is the key to success for many companies and their products or services.Advertising takes many forms from large budget advertisement placement on majorly trafficked billboards to word of mouth viral marketing campaigns.Effective advertising on a budget takes creativity and ingenuity.Read on to learn about the top three methods for getting free advertising on the Internet.

Press and related media coverage are hands down the best method for free advertising.Whether you meant to be in the news or you are manufacturing the news of your company or product, you need to learn how to take advantage of the media.One of the best ways to get your news message or press bite out there is to put it in the form of a press release.

Free press release sites pepper the Internet and are frequently used by content editors and writers to come up with fresh content.Make a healthy list of free press release sites using Excel or a similar spreadsheet software.You will need to make an account and password for most of these sites.Send your press releases out to each of the sites checking them off as you go.Once your press release is approved by the press release site it will be sent out to thousands of writers and editors for consideration.

Follow up on your results by monitoring blog coverage through a service like Google Alerts which allows you to be notified when certain terms are printed on websites and blogs.To follow your company or product's coverage simply enter the keywords into Google Alerts.

The second best method for free online advertising is to get direct coverage or advertising space on blogs and community websites that are geared to your industry or demographic.Contact editors directly and pitch stories based off of your press release.Ask if they would like to trade advertising spaces or if they would be willing to post an advertisement for you on their site to add content.

Consciously build your relationships with website managers and content editors.Keep in touch with monthly phone calls to touch base on the possibility of receiving free advertising coverage.By building business relationships with multiple editors you increase your chances of receiving free coverage exponentially.

Consider sponsoring a contest at a blog or community website in exchange for advertising space and emails.Sponsoring an event or giveaway in conjunction with a similar provider or industry community link is a great way to collect a customer base.Negotiate free advertising on their website or newsletter.Ask to receive a list of the emails of people who signed up to participate in the contest or giveaway.

Follow up with a newsletter or mailer to these people with the close of your sponsored event.This is your chance to hook customers.Gaining customers is free advertising.Once a customer has a good experience they are likely to share that with friends and family.Word of mouth recommendations are the most powerful source of free advertising. - 16651

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