Friday, February 13, 2009

Get rid of the Search Engines

By Jim Spence

A new strategy in marketing has arrived. Destined to be one of the Top 10 Marketing Strategies during this year.

How would you like to study the greatest viral marketing idea of all time.

This article reviews this new strategy.

Harvey Segal has come up with a viral ebook that has so many new ideas and twists in it, that it is bound to become the top marketing strategy for viral marketing.

It is called 'The Ultimate Supertip' and it is not just an explanation of one of the most powerful principles of Internet marketing, but also a fully working practical demonstration!

Harvey is giving this book to you for free and you don't even have to give Harvey your email address. You can then immediately give it away to your friends, subscribers, website visitors, maiden aunts, long-lost cousins, and the really clever neat tricks that Harvey has built into it will start to make you money right away.

READ it from cover to cover, and learn one of the most powerful secrets of Internet marketing at the feet of the master.

if you think I might be over-hyping (I'm not), read it anyway and tell me what you think.

Download it right now before you forget - this could be the most important lesson you'll learn today.

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