Friday, February 13, 2009

How To Choose The Best Swimwear

By Amanda Somrekli

When it comes to swimming costume, the first thing that will pop in ones mind is the Brazilian swimsuits. Swimwear in Brazil means bikinis and it does not matter whether you are fat, skinny, kids or even infant, everyone wears bikinis in the beach and it makes them look fabulous.

Designers and shopkeepers have recognized the fashion problems of the overweight woman, and are finally featuring a wide variety collection of stylish bathing suit designs in larger sizes, and the best place to find such swimwear is to buy swimwear online.

Women's swim wears were initially introduced with the purpose of covering up certain essential body parts of those women who were daring enough to bathe publicly. Since then, there have been several changing styles and functions of the female bathing suit. It is indeed amazing to know that so much has been achieved in the swim wear with such scant material.

The first known use of a bathing costume was in Greece during 350 B.C. The fourth century mosaic wall was discovered depicting girls dressed in what resembles the modern-day bikinis.

But, swim wear went out of fashion after the fall of the Roman Empire when water sports were no longer encouraged and the prudish Europeans regarded the sea more as a source of physical therapy than recreation.

If you are looking to do some serious lap swimming, your best bet is a one piece suit with minimum water resistance. Prego Maternity makes a number of good one piece styles for lap swimming.

Dark colours or some with a detail on the sides takes away attention from abs. A tank suit with a bright colour on the top half would work best with a pear-shape.

Fashion comes in almost everything like garments, swimwear, shoes, makeup, lingerie, accessories and many more. People are always concern on the attires that suits for an evening party dress; hairstyles that will make them look gorgeous and etc.

The SPF swimwear, sunscreen, and shade combination is the best way to sun protection. Take the most relevant moves in getting sun protective clothes when swimming like skin coverage, the type of fabric and most especially for comfort and ease of movement, the fit.

It has evolved from just one piece of swimsuit to various kind of swimwear like sexy bikinis, metallic bikinis, full figure and the material used to produce all these bathing suit has come to the extent of using diamonds. They come in a variety of pattern and colors that are undeniable. - 16651

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