Saturday, February 7, 2009

Google Shadow Gigantic Bonus and Fair Review

By Nelson M.

Google Shadow is coming, and it predicts to be an stirring new plan, specially for the Affiliate Marketers out there. The system is set to launch on Tuesday February 5, 2009. So what is this fresh system about and will it be worthy your money and time?

Once upon a time, Google Cash was a great method for making cash. The only things you actually needed to be successful was a elementary knowledge of how Adwords worked, and a know-how for finding good affiliate programs. The method was to simply purchase Adwords ads and put the landing page directly to your affiliate link. Simply spend less that what you were making and it was perfect. Who wouldn't pay one buck to make two?

Sending visitors was a dream that grew into a nightmare after the Google Slap has happened. So after struggling most marketers quit and started the tedious process of making intermediary web sites.

But you are not here to hear history, so let me tell you about Google Shadow.

The quick story of it is that the DJK team and Chris "X" have found an affiliate (Tim Houston aka "The Google Shadow") who is making almost $100,000 a calendar month with the goold old Google Cash method (advertsing but having no website).

This is one of the greatest things for an affiliate marketer who doesn't want to waste any time building sites and simply desires to discover the best offerings. That is why most successful marketers outsource their sites because it takes too much time to do it all yourself.

Some information to think about...

One thing you will need is a little money, enough to be able to buy ads. The good news is you can set a daily budget and test niches you find using small potatoes change in your pocket. Should you have no prior experience you will need to learn split test your ads, how to choose keywords, and other normal advertising actions, but you will like to know that the Google Shadow system will contain an automatized software package in addition to education. - 16651

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