Saturday, February 7, 2009

Design your tshirt and express yourself

By reklicom

You can proclaim a child-like belief in the spirit of Christmas with a t shirt design such as this one: the archetypal cheery Santas face beams up at you, with the simple message thereof: I believe. Then again the t shirt design does not even have to have any words to convey the message of good tidings for the season. A cheerful snowman in his trademark striped muffler aptly conveys a message.

An exclusive t shirt design can be your own unique way of expressing your creativity and your individuality. Your tee shirt design can be as eye catching or understated as you may want it to be. One can really flaunt their individuality by using a unique t shirt design. For example Music Punk Rock T-Shirts.

Alternatively you can design a t shirt for a specific event, group or organization. Do you have an upcoming business event? Or perhaps a match organized for which the team needs to have an exclusive t shirt design? Are you planning to cheer on a friend or relative who is participating in a team event or competition of some sort by showing your solidarity on a t shirt?Or maybe music punk rock t-shirts.

And if everyone is decked up in Christmas finery, why would your dog be left behind? Deck the Halls with Balls says one t shirt designed specifically for your furry friend of the canine variety.

They come in a great range of colours with loads of cool retro slogans and images, from the Care Bears and Mr Men to Top Gun and the Beatles!

I am sitting in the food court of a very busy shopping mall on a Saturday with a pad of paper. What am I doing? Counting how many people are wearing Retro T-Shirts, what kind of t-shirt they're wearing, and about how old they are. This is my 4th Saturday conducting this survey at 4 different malls.

Every holiday season can be marked or made special by a specific t shirt design based on that theme. You can have a tee shirt design for Christmas, Valentines Day, Fathers day or Mothers day, Halloween or even T shirt designs that proclaim your patriotism; Independence Day t shirts for instance!

Christmas t shirt designs are extremely popular and designers go all out to be really creative for the season of good cheer to all mankind. How about this one: a cheery bear is dressed up as Santa Claus with his bag full of gifts and with the words Have a beary merry Christmas. Sure to coax a smile from the Scroogiest of people!

Everyone from Paris Hilton to Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckinsdale to Kelly Clarkson is wearing these super cute and ultra funky ts from the hot designer label Junk Food, even Posh has been spotted enjoying the sunshine in one!

Second, what kind of Retro T-Shirt were they wearing? I rarely saw the same t-shirt twice. There were funny t-shirts, animal t-shirts, Christian t-shirts, patriotic t-shirts, and all kinds of novelty t-shirts. And, I wasn't surprised to see a few crude or offensive ones in the mix either. - 16651

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