Saturday, February 7, 2009

House Selling Tips You Must Read

By Ras Reed

As a potential home seller, it is highly very important for you to be aware of the diverse form of listing contracts that are available. Listing contracts is defined as the agreement between you and a professional estate broker. With this agreement, you are authorizing the estate broker to represent you in the process of selling your home. We shall discuss four categories of listing contracts in this piece of writing.

One of the categories is exclusive right to sell listing. What this contract is saying is that you have given the estate broker unchecked freedom. In other words, you have given him or her permission to do anything it takes to sell your home for you. It means that the broker can function without any restriction and can therefore make use of a number of marketing strategies in order to accomplish the goal of successfully selling your home.

Another category is the exclusive agency listing. Under this contract, there is a limit to what the broker can do as the right to sell your home stays with you. Also, the broker is not given any commission under this contract since you are handling the sale of your house from the beginning to the end. This sort of contract is very popular among home sellers because of the extra cash they are able to obtain.

One time show is another category. This means that you hire a broker to sell your home through home showings. As the name implies, your home is showed off to a prospective home buyers only once. This contract places a restriction on the use of other marketing strategies by the broker. In other words, he or she can only use home show as a means of selling. Under this listing, a broker is entitled to a commission after the sale of your home.

Open listing is another listing contract. It is similar to the one time show listing only that the house is shown to the prospective buyer more than once until the house is bought. In other words, the buyer can inspect the house more than once in the process of bidding for it.

Which listing contract is the best? You are the only one that can decide. But it is highly appropriate that you investigate the size of your pocket when you want to make a final choice. - 16651

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