Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hannah Montana Music Movie

By Sandra Clayton

Avid fans of Hannah Montana have been very happy knowing that their favorite American television series and characters from this series will soon be into the big screen. Although, it will not be a Disney Channel Original Movie, many would still be waiting for it as it will be a feature-length film to be shown in cinemas. According to reports, filming of the Hannah Montana-The Movie should have started April of last year and it will be released in cinemas hopefully April of 2009.

It is said that in the movie, Miley or Miley Cyrus will be greatly overwhelmed by the popularity of Hannah Montana, her alter-ego. Then with her father and another celebrity, she will find herself in a shoe fight. Robby or Billy Ray Cyrus will then trick Miley to return to Crowley Corners, Tennessee, her hometown, so she could reflect on the happenings in her life. Miley will prefer to still be Hannah Montana but Robby won't allow her to be.

While Miley is in her hometown, in Cowley Corners, she will spend great time with Lilly (Emily Osment) and Oliver (Mitchel Musso), her two great best friends. Then Lily's birthday would come and at the party, Miley will attend as Hannah Montana and then will render a song "Let's Get Crazy". Based on the plot, she will be accompanied by Steve Rushton on the guitar and eventually she will get more attention from people than the birthday girl.

In the movie, Miley will be romantically involved with her childhood friend in her hometown, Travis Brody (Lucas Till). Robby also will be romantically involved with a girl named Melora Hardin.

Along the way, Miley will have problems with Mr. Granger, a local citizen from her hometown, who surprisingly has an idea about her two identities. Things will be so interesting as Miley faces her problems with Mr. Granger.

Somewhere down the road, Miley will realize that she loves more staying in Tennessee than to be her alter-ego Hannah Montana.

The plot is so interesting and would surely captivate hearts of many young girls' who have fallen in love with the American television series Hannah Montana. - 16651

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